SERCO marks 20 years of support for Prospect Hospice

March 2019


This year marks the 20th anniversary of SERCO raising funds for Prospect Hospice, and in that time they have raised a staggering £48,000.

Employees from SERCO, pictured at the UK Defence Academy in Shrivenham, presented a cheque for £1,849 to Lisa Curtis, Corporate and Major Donor Fundraiser for Prospect Hospice, for funds raised at their Christmas Party/Raffle. From 2018 to current, SERCO has raised a total of £5,278 for the hospice.

Charlotte Heppell, Head of Library Services, said: “We have been supporting Prospect Hospice for many years and, unfortunately, a good number of our staff have been in the position of having to use its myriad of services, or know someone who has, which is why the charity is so dear to our hearts. When we were told we had raised £48k over the years, we were totally shocked but amazingly proud that we have been able to make such a significant contribution to Prospect Hospice’s valuable work. We will continue to support Prospect Hospice for years to come!”

Lisa Curtis, Corporate and Major Donor Fundraiser, added: “The total amount that SERCO have raised for us over 20 years is incredible. To give you context, that amount of money can pay for a patient to stay for over four and a half months in our In-Patient Unit, for 565 family members to be supported by specialist family support, and 185 Prospect@Home night shifts. A huge thank you to everyone at SERCO for their continued, generous support.”

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