Supporting the community through volunteering

December 2018


With Prospect Hospice needing the support of its local community to deliver our services, we decided that in 2018 we would proactively link up with more of our community partners to help and support more people through volunteering.

With great links in place already with the Volunteer Centre in Swindon, we have this year been able to help several people through the Building Bridges programme that offers people the opportunity to gain confidence and skills to move towards the world of work.

We have also successfully introduced four volunteers into our shop and distribution network via Swindon Borough Council’s Health and Social care programme and the momentum is really building in this area.

Barbara from our Distribution Centre (pictured above) said: “We have a number of roles for people to do, but we always offer a taster session first, so they can come along and try things before committing to a regular shift.”

For more information about volunteering for Prospect Hospice, click here.


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