Complementary Therapist

Role Description


Overseen by:                 Head of Voluntary Services

Managed by:                 Complementary Therapy Co-ordinator

Availability:                    As arranged with the team


To provide an holistic approach to enhance the quality of life for patients by:

  • Providing patients with complementary therapies within disciplines described in Prospect Hospice Principles and Practice for Volunteer Complementary Therapists

NB Any therapy used must be within the limits/boundaries of the patient’s illness.

  • Having an holistic approach towards the treatment of patients and the skill to work in a focused way
  • Liaising with the clinical staff in order to provide the best possible patient care
  • Ensuring that an assessment that indicates referral to another professional is made via the appropriate referral system
  • Ensuring that all clinical areas are suitably prepared for treatments and are left in good order after use
  • Ensuring that all therapies carried out are within the therapist’s defined area of complementary competencies and skills only
  • Maintaining confidentiality in accordance with Prospect Hospice Policy


  • Informing the Clinical Team immediately if any of the patients make a request to continue therapy in private practice
  • Reporting to clinical staff any accepted referrals for private practice – these referrals must be documented
  • Ensuring that all records are kept in accordance with Prospect Hospice Policy
  • Attending regular meetings/supervisions as requested
  • Ensuring that any worries or concerns are discussed with the Complimentary Therapy Co-ordinator


Download the Complementary Therapist Volunteer role

Complementary Therapist Volunteer role

Who is this role suitable for?


People, Practical, Professional

Time Commitment

Ad Hoc

Volunteer Age

Over 18


Suitable for someone bereaved in the last 12 months

Preferred Role

Patient facing

Role Available

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. AM & PM

To apply

To apply for this role or for further information, please contact us on 01793 816193, email us or complete the form below and a member of the team will be in touch. Thank You.

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