Carers Courses

When you become a carer it can feel like your lifestyle and circumstances have suddenly changed dramatically. That’s why we have developed a course especially with carers’ needs in mind

Over many years, we have listened carefully to the experiences of many hundreds of carers we have met, and these have shaped our course, which is now available to all carers. It includes practical advice and support on basic caring skills, on managing medicines, welfare benefits, thinking ahead, relaxation techniques and taking care of yourself.

While these are all areas carers have told us would boost their ability to cope, the course is flexible, and can evolve to reflect the needs of the group. It might also provide an invaluable opportunity to meet other carers, who share with you how it feels to live with the uncertainty that comes with life as a carer.

If you would like to find our more about our carers' courses, please email Jo Hyde or by telephoning 01793 813355.