Sponsoring an Event

We rely on your support to raise the majority of the £7.2m we need each year. Here are just a few ideas for events and challenges that you might like to try to raise funds for Prospect Hospice

We have a number of opportunities for corporate sponsorship of our events. In exchange for funding the set up cost of one of our events we can offer the opportunity for your organisations branding to be maximised throughout.

A package would be put together for each event but some typical examples for promotion are:

  • All printed literature produced will incorporate your logo, posters, registration leaflets
  • Banners, any Event T-Shirts produced to include your logo
  • Website, registration and information pages to include your details
  • Facebook, Twitter promotions
  • Any articles in the media publications we work with locally    

Some examples of our events that are typically sponsored are the Starlight Walk, the Big Bike Ride, Firewalk, 10k run, Abseil and Lets Dance.

By sponsoring one of our activities you allow all the participants money raised to go directly into our service costs and of course you will facilitate the overall fundraising amount the event generates not just the sponsorship amount you pay us. 


Case study - Nationwide

Staff at Nationwide Building Society, chose Prospect as their charity of the year for 2012.

The partnership sees Nationwide supporting a number of our major fundraising events, involving staff in charitable activity as well as donating the time and professional skills to key areas of the work of the Hospice.

Chad Rogerson, Senior Citizenship Manager at Nationwide said: “Many of the staff have been touched by the work of the Hospice over the years, and clearly this was an influential factor in their decision.

“We kicked off the partnership with a £20k corporate donation and a plan to raise a further £50k through employee fundraising, as well as providing additional volunteering and support. We have also got off to a successful start with a dress down day and fundraising sports week raising over £10k in the first few months. We also have a number of link-ups in place with a variety of departments where we can bring our professional expertise to support the work of the Hospice in the coming months.”