Because of you...

Sarah and Kevin got the best care

Systems engineer Kevin Howard says that when his wife Sarah’s health deteriorated quickly following her brain tumour diagnosis, the practical help that Prospect Hospice gave them both was invaluable. But it was only in the period after she died that Kevin came to realise how extensive the charity’s support really is.

“Sarah collapsed at the hairdresser’s on 2 February 2013, and didn’t know who she was or who I was. She was diagnosed with gliosarcoma, a rare type of brain tumour, but after her operation she was never herself, and the hospital put us and Prospect Hospice in touch. Their coordinator was just brilliant. She coordinated all the support by different agencies, arranged for Sarah to use Prospect Hospice’s day care service to give me a break, and when Sarah couldn’t get out of bed safely she arranged for us to have a nursing bed at home.

“I was lucky that my firm gave me six months off, and when Sarah sadly died on 17 July 2013 it was consoling to hear her doctor tell me that we had given her a good death. That feels so important.

“As an engineer, I’m great with systems, but I relied on Sarah for the emotional intelligence side of things. She got a First in psychology and worked in that discipline. After she died, Prospect Hospice offered me counselling, and I accepted. This continuity of care for me too was amazing and unexpected. I started to realise how much Prospect Hospice does for the family as well as the patient.

“When I’d joined in our local pub quiz raising cash for Prospect Hospice, I hadn’t been in the least aware of what a positive impact they have, and I also didn’t realise that all the care and services they offer are completely free of charge. I now help fundraise for them and have become a trustee. I’m determined to do my bit to make sure as many people support Prospect Hospice as possible. You just never know when you are going to need them.”

It’s because of you that we were there for Sarah and Kevin. Without you we won’t be there for others like them. To find our more about how you can support Prospect Hospice, and others like Sarah and Kevin, click here.