8 to 14 May 2023

Dying Matters Awareness Week

Come together to talk about death, dying, and grief

Join us from 8 to 14 May 2023 to help break the stigma.

Dying Matters Awareness Week takes place this year from 8 to 14 May, led by Hospice UK’s Dying Matters campaign. Throughout the week, people across the country will come together to encourage communities to get talking about death, dying, and grief. The theme of Dying Matters Awareness Week 2023 is ‘Dying Matters at work’.

At Prospect Hospice, there will be an interactive display in the Heart of the Hospice cafe which everyone is welcome to contribute to. The display will ask different questions on the topic of death and dying, such as ‘What do you want people to wear to your funeral?’, encouraging us all to think and talk about death, and helping to break the taboo that surrounds it.

The Hospice will also be exhibiting a photography series called #IRemember, by the world-renowned photographer Rankin, in partnership with Hospice UK. The series captures the both universal and unique experience of grief, and shares moving stories from those remembering their loved ones.


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