Terms and conditions for fundraising in aid of Prospect Hospice

Thank you so much for wanting to support Prospect Hospice. We rely on people like you in our local community to help us raise three quarters of our funding, more than £5.5 million every year, so that we can be there for patients and their families at the most difficult time. Without this kind of support we simply wouldn’t be able to continue – so your fundraising is vitally important.

It is our responsibility to make sure that you have all the information you need to make your fundraising safe, compliant and stress free, for both you and those that donate as a result of your activity, so we have compiled this brief but essential information for anyone kindly fundraising in aid of Prospect Hospice.

Communication and publicity

1. Please always refer to your fundraising as being “in aid of” Prospect Hospice. This is really important in order to comply with charity law. It helps supporters to distinguish between fundraising organised by the hospice itself, and that organised by independent parties.

2. You should never claim to be representing the hospice or communicate in a way that could mislead anyone into thinking you are.

3. You should be mindful of not doing anything that could harm Prospect Hospice’s reputation and use only lawful means to fundraise.

4. You may request a copy of our logo to use on your materials. Please never omit our registered charity number (which will be on the copy of the logo supplied to you) and remember that our logo is a registered trademark.

5. Before contacting any companies for sponsorship or prizes, please check with us first. We have relationships with many local companies which are extremely important to us in our ongoing fundraising. Any approaches need to be carefully considered in conjunction with us to order to keep these relationships positive and of maximum benefit to the hospice.

6. All materials need to make clear the amount that will be donated to Prospect Hospice, e.g. “£2 from the sale of each ticket goes to Prospect Hospice” or “all profits from this event will be donated to Prospect Hospice”. If you are undertaking a challenge, you must spell out clearly if any part of the funds raised in the name of the charity are to be used towards the challenge costs. Transparency is essential.

7. If some money is to be shared between causes, please make us aware of this at the planning stage of the event. Problems can be caused if there are any unequal splits between beneficiaries.


1. We are obligated to make it clear that you are responsible for organising all aspects of your activity and we do not accept any liability relating to your fundraising.

2. We advise you to complete a risk assessment prior to holding any type of event (we have a template to assist you, please ask for details). Further information and resources are available at www.hse.gov.uk.

3. You must consider if there are any insurance policies or licences you have to have by law for your activity. You should make sure you have sufficient third-party public-liability cover in place if you are holding an event, and consider whether you should take out any other insurance cover. If you’re hiring a public venue, they may have the insurance in place that you need – be sure to check.

Collecting and transferring funds

1. Always keep safety in mind when handling cash. Carry the minimum amount of cash possible, always keep it secure and in an unmarked bag. Only count cash in a secure location. Wherever possible have two people counting any cash and ensure you keep a record.

2. If you need buckets or pots for collecting donations, these will be given to you sealed and must be returned sealed and not tampered with. The contents will be counted safely within the hospice and we will let you know the total collected.

3. You need to pay over funds raised to us as soon as possible and within 30 days. You can bring cash to the hospice, send a cheque to us made payable to ‘Prospect Hospice’, make a payment via bank transfer, or use a card online on our website (click here to view our donation page). In all cases, please make sure we know who you are and how the money was raised so that we can record it against you or your group on our database and we can send you an acknowledgement of the gift.

Lotteries and raffles

1. Lotteries and raffles are strictly regulated by the Gambling Commission. Lotteries or raffles run online, or not run at an event on a single day, require a licence. You can check if your fundraising activity constitutes a lottery or a raffle, and find more information here.

2. Lotteries or raffles run at an event do not require a license but you still need to make sure you are following the rules. There is more information on lotteries or raffles at events here.

We hope you have fun while fundraising.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions – we are here to support you as you support us.

Once again, thank you for your invaluable effort to raise funds for Prospect Hospice.