Golf club captain supporting Thanks a Million after sister-in-law was cared for by hospice

April 2021


Broome Manor Golf Club ladies captain Sharon O’Neill is supporting the hospice’s Thanks a Million after her sister-in-law Claire was cared for at the end of her life.

Sharon said: “Claire had been diagnosed with a brain tumour, and was nearing the end of her life. Her husband Paul had her at home, before she went into Prospect Hospice.

“It was absolutely amazing in there – it didn’t feel like an end-of-life facility at all. It felt more like a five-star private hospital, but with really specialist care. It didn’t feel gloomy or sad, but a really nice place for Claire to be. She could be wheeled out into the lovely garden there – Paul even brought their cat in to see her. My husband Brendan, Claire’s brother, used to have to visit pretty late in the evening, around 9.30pm, but that was never an issue at all.

“All those things might seem like small things, but they were actually really important and made Claire’s last days as good as they could be. It was hard for everyone – she was only 44 when she died and their sons were just 15 and 18 at the time – so the fact that Claire and the family were so well cared about really helped.

“I’m Swindon born and bred, and Prospect Hospice has always been my charity of choice but, having seen how amazing they were with Claire, I have felt driven to fundraise ever since. Funnily enough, a month after Claire died, I won the Prospect Hospice lottery – it felt like fate, somehow.

“We are all so, so lucky to have Prospect Hospice in Swindon. It’s not only free for everyone, but the standard of care and the consideration patients and their families get is fantastic. Not every area in the country has a community hospice like we have, so we should never take it for granted.

“Now that Prospect Hospice is running the Thanks a Million 36-hour fundraiser, I’m hoping that people will log on and donate what they can. I’m going to be ladies’ captain of Broome Manor Golf Club in 2021/22, so I’ll be hosting my own fundraising page and urging our ladies to support this brilliant amenity we have in Swindon.”

To find out more about Thanks a Million and donate in support of the hospice, click here.

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