Staff take to two-wheels at Prospect Hospice

August 2018

Our Team

We recently introduced a weather proof bike shelter at Prospect Hospice, to encourage more staff to enjoy the benefits of cycling to work and an increasing number of people from across the organisation are now enjoying the health benefits of their daily ride.

Katie Stewart from our voluntary services team says: “I live in Park South, and earlier this year I decided to invest in a push bike and its one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My route to and from work every day is always different and I get the added bonus of seeing some wonderful wildlife. The last couple of months with the heatwave were challenging and it certainly tested my cycling abilities but in the end I got to spend a lot of time in the sun and enjoying the lovely summer.”

Michelle Jones, our digital marketing specialist, added:  “I live in Old Town so once I’ve dropped my daughters at Lethbridge school, I cycle down Croft Road in to Wrought to get to work and I love it. I don’t manage to do it every day, it’s a long trek back up the hill but having the option to when I want is a huge benefit of me working at Prospect Hospice. I can’t run and I don’t like gyms so I really appreciate being able to incorporate exercise in to my working day”.

With more staff enjoying the benefits of cycling to work, we are confident that more staff will take to two wheels rather than four in future.

Pictured are Katie Stewart, Gillian Sherwood and Michelle Jones, who all regularly cycle to work at the hospice.

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