Community Connections Volunteer

Managed by: Shop Manager/Assistant Manager

Volunteering Sessions: 4 hours a week

Role Summary:
To assist with volunteer du9es across a collection of shops in the local area and to provide support according to Rota requirements. You will have a primary loca9on and line Manager but may be required to volunteer in other local shops occasionally to support our customer needs.

Shop Locations: To be based at one of a number of shops, all of which are relatively close to each other.
Role Responsibilities

It is essential everyone receives a warm, friendly and professional welcome on arrival (including incoming telephone calls) and an appropriate acknowledgement when they leave.

• Identify and meet customer requirements
• Answer telephone calls in the absence of the shop manager
• Accept incoming monetary donations and use the correct dona9on procedures taught in
training or ask a Manager.
• Accept incoming stock with thanks and appreciation.
• Encourage all those with dona9ons to sign up to our GiJ Aid Scheme
• Help with tea/coffee breaks.
• Maintain a tidy, clean and safe shop environment
• Sale of Lottery tickets

Personal Responsibilities

• Display a professional welcoming and caring aPtude at all 9mes
• Treat all information with the utmost confidentiality at all 9mes.
• Inform the shop manager of any absences as soon as possible
• Be aware of Health and Safety Regulations
• Attend training sessions as required
• Seek help or support when needed

Volunteers must complete relevant initial training and be assessed as competent and confident for shop duties.

Volunteers can claim out-of-pocket expenses incurred traveling between home, (or work) and their local Prospect Hospice Shop upon completion of the appropriate claim form available from the Shop Manager.

Download the Locally Based Shop Volunteer role

Locally Based Shop Volunteer role

Who is this role suitable for?


People, Practical

Time Commitment


Volunteer Age

Over 14


Suitable for someone bereaved in the last 12 months

Preferred Role

Non-patient facing

Role Available

Various shifts available Monday - Sunday AM & PM

To apply

To apply for this role or for further information, please contact us on 01793 816193, email us or complete the form below and a member of the team will be in touch. Thank You.

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