Our values and behaviours

At Prospect Hospice, our staff have worked hard to define a set of values and behaviours that shape the way we all work, regardless of individual roles. This allows us to work together and achieve the best outcomes for our patients, their families and our supporters.


We take responsibility for our actions and behaviour
We explain decisions where we can
We are open, honest, transparent and approachable
We give constructive feedback when appropriate
We have the courage to speak up and challenge for good


We continually review and develop our services
We are visible and proud
We are professional
We are experts educating, training, sharing our knowledge and influencing others


We respect others’ priorities
We act with empathy, striving to listen to and understand others
We are respectful of patients’ dignity
We work collaboratively with patients, families and services
We work with compassion to care for patients holistically


We are approachable and non-judgemental
We work together as a community
We respect each person as an individual
We are mindful of others


We are calm and patient
We embrace and support change
We promote a positive environment
We seek support when needed and provide support to others
We recognise our achievements, accept praise and give feedback


We embrace best practice and seek to improve our performance
We evidence the provision, impact and learning gained from patient interaction
We are open to new technology and innovation
We actively review, audit and benchmark our practice against national standards

Equality and diversity

Prospect Hospice is committed to encouraging a diverse and inclusive working environment. We recognise that promoting diversity and eliminating discrimination in our workplace will bring benefits for our people, our business and the communities we serve.

Equally, we are keen to ensure that our services are open and accessible to all who need them, and we will consult and engage with patients and their families to ensure that the services we offer meet their needs in a manner that is most appropriate to them.