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The perceptions that people sometimes have of a hospice is very different to what they experience when they visit us at the hospice in Wroughton or when they or someone close to them comes into contact with our services. The concerns they might have initially are often eased when they hear from others about their first-hand experiences of Prospect Hospice. If you’re someone who has experienced our work, as a patient or as a family member, then we hope you can help us with this.

We’re always looking for patients and the people closest to them to share their experiences of Prospect Hospice, to help try to dispel the uncertainty people who are newly-referred to Prospect Hospice might feel about what we do. Your story about our care could be a very powerful way of ensuring people feel more comfortable about how we can help them. This has helped people in the past and, through telling your story, could help people again in future.

We would like to be able to tell your story about your experience of Prospect Hospice. If you would like to find out more about how you can help Prospect Hospice, our future patients and supporters, then please call the Communications team on 01793 813355 or email communications@prospect-hospice.net.