A fond farewell to...

...Eileen Hicks from our CNS team, who is retiring this week. Eileen has been part of the CNS team for 20 years, and for the last 9 years has provided support to patients in the Marlborough area. She will be much missed by her colleagues and patients alike. Eileen has plenty of plans for her retirement; she and her husband Steve are in the process of moving to Bath and she’s also planning to take Spanish lessons in preparation for a trip to Spain next year. Eileen is also hoping to explore South America, Australia and Asia in the future.

A farewell party was held for Eileen in the Day Hospice earlier this week, which was attended by work colleagues both past and present, as well as GPs and District Nurses from the surgeries she supports. Eileen is pictured here with fellow CNS Lucinda Gomiciaga.

Good luck from everyone at Prospect Eileen, we wish you a long and happy retirement.