Pick up a bargain from our clearance outlet from Monday

On 10 June we opened a new kind of charity shop, with the launch of a clearance outlet on Commercial Road, where all items cost just £1 – ideal for anyone seeking quality items at bargain prices.

The idea is being pioneered as a means of maximising the money that we can raise from the items donated by its supporters.

“We feel that by opening a discount outlet we can sell on those items that have previously not sold in our other shops,” explains Charly Rich, Prospect Hospice’s Head of Retail. “We pride ourselves on the quality of the items we sell in our shops, and it’s our wish and that of the people who donate to us that we make all we can from items they have generously given to us.”

The newly-fitted shop, which can be found at the end of Commercial Road opposite the market, opens on Monday, and Charly is optimistic that it will appeal to clientele keen to find a bargain. “Make no mistake,” she says, “the quality of what we sell there won’t be any less excellent than you would find in our other stores. We hope that though opening the new outlet we can offer great quality clothes, household and other items, and raise more much-needed funds for Prospect Hospice.”

Please come and pick up a bargain or two at our Clearance Outlet from Monday 10 June.