Prospect Hospice stages memories morning for bereaved children

On Saturday 22 June Prospect Hospice welcomed eleven children, ranging in age from two to fourteen, for a morning to remember parents and grandparents who they have recently lost.

The morning, led by members of our family support team and generously supported by Prospect Hospice volunteers, was an opportunity for the children to explore and express their feelings about their loss, through activities including craft making and creative activity, through group discussion and also, at the close of the day, through releasing balloons with individual, personal messages in remembrance of their loved one.

“It was a really important day,” says Prospect’s bereavement care coordinator Penny Kinder, “to help young children know and understand that they are not alone in their loss, and to encourage children and parents to continue talking about people who have died. It was just a few hours in the morning, but from what was said by the children and by the parents who came with them, they were greatly valued.”

For some of the parents who came along on the day, it brought an opportunity to talk with Prospect staff and volunteers about the challenges of bereavement, and some also took advantage of some of the complementary therapy sessions made available through our volunteers on the day.

We hope to hold another children’s memory day at Prospect Hospice later in the year. Our thanks to the children and parents who came along on the day, and also to the volunteers and staff who gave up their own time to support this activity.