Twins’ sponsored walk raises £725 for Prospect Hospice

Twin sisters from Swindon organised a sponsored walk that raised £725 for Prospect Hospice, in the hope that it would help local people living with illnesses like that which their mum has had.

Cate and Louise Chittock, who are year 8 pupils at St Joseph’s Catholic College in Swindon, supported their mum Margaret’s wish to raise up to £500 for the hospice and for Great Western Hospital’s Dove Unit after she overcame cancer earlier this year. The girls encouraged family, friends and neighbours to join them on a sponsored walk around Coate Water, and the group of 19 managed to raise a grand total of £1,400 for the two charities.

“When she wasn’t well, Mum came to have a look around Prospect Hospice, and she thought it was lovely,” says Cate. “Now that she has recovered, we wanted to raise some funds with a sponsored walk.” Their initial target was soon smashed, says Louise: “We thought it would be hard to raise £500, but we did that in a week!”

According to the girls’ Granddad Ken Davies, his daughter Margaret was greatly impressed by the hospice when she came to visit. “She really liked the place, and she felt as though the people there had been specially picked,” he says.

“It was a great pleasure to meet Cate and Louise at Prospect Hospice, and to be able to thank them for their efforts in raising funds for us,” says fundraiser Mela Durston. “I am sure that everyone in their family is hugely proud of them for all that they have achieved.”


Cate and Louise are pictured with Prospect Hospice fundraiser Mela Durston.