Day Services

For many patients in our care, a weekly visit to our Day Service is enough to support them through their illness, especially in the early days. Sociable, supportive and welcoming, our Day Service aims to increase your confidence, wellbeing and sense of coping during your illness. You might be surprised at all that our Day Service offers.

Our Day Hospice and our supportive outpatient services bring together a broad range of services and activities for patients, based at the main hospice building in Wroughton. They provide opportunities for symptom control and pain management, rehabilitation services, complementary therapies, creative arts and social activity with our volunteers, staff and, perhaps most importantly, fellow patients.

It’s not just you that could benefit from accessing our day service; many carers value the time to themselves that a few hours’ break from caring can bring, a regular midweek opportunity to recharge their batteries. We can even arrange for transport to pick you up from your home, and take you back after your visit.

Please speak to your Prospect Nurse Specialist about how our Day Service can help you.