Prospect Hospice volunteer profiles

Below you'll find short quotes from just a few of our volunteers who help out in various places across the organisation.

John Crocker, In-Patient Unit Volunteer

“Volunteering at Prospect Hospice was a really important step in my career – and helped me towards finding full-time employment."

“I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when I was in my teens and, while this didn’t stop me from doing well in my academic studies, when it came to finding work, it held me back. I lacked confidence and good communication skills. I’m helped by my support worker Julia, and she suggested that volunteering could be a good way into full-time work. We visited Prospect Hospice together, and they offered me an opportunity to volunteer by helping to organise the medical supplies on their In-Patient Unit. I really took to it, and the team there were pleased with how I was able to support them in this way."

“Everyone at the hospice was very supportive of me, helping me to cope and adapt to a real working environment. The work I was given was very ordered, which suited me well – I always looked forward to my two half days at the hospice."

“While I was volunteering, the aim was always to get full-time employment. Volunteering at Prospect Hospice played a huge part in giving me the confidence to look for – and find – a full-time job.” 

Camille Lynnane, Marlborough Shops

Retired English teacher Camille volunteers for Prospect Hospice in both of our shops on Marlborough High Street and she greatly enjoys the experience. "I really feel that I do something good with my time," she says, "and I love meeting and gettng to kow our regular customers here. They are such lovely people - and that's true of the team here too. I also enjoy helping to display the best items that we have to sell here so that we can make the money that we need for the hospice to deliver its care."

Camille, who spent much of her teaching career living and working in Spain, wouldn't hesitate to recommend volunteering to others. "It's such good fun," she says. "I'm sure that if more people tried it, they would enjoy it too!"  

Chi Wong, West Swindon Shop Volunteer

Chi Wong is a 19 year old retail volunteer who has helped out at the West Swindon shop since June this year. Originally from Southampton, he moved with his parents to Hong Kong 5 years ago and recently moved back to the UK to settle in Swindon.

“We moved back to the UK for university and work, I would like to get a degree in Business Management but for now I am gaining skills and experience volunteering for Prospect Hospice.”

“Prospect Hospice is a great place to volunteer for, the shop has a lovely atmosphere and the people are so friendly. I am really enjoying myself here and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Chi is one of many young people who volunteer for Prospect Hospice to gain skills and experience for their CVs. We are able to offer these roles to help those starting out in life with people interactions, customer service and business operations but also for them to meet new people and have a good time.

Carol Hypolite, shop manager for West Swindon said, “Chi has been volunteering with us now for over 4 months, I have observed his confidence and knowledge growing week by week, it’s a fantastic thing to see.” She added, “Chi is always very polite, helpful and friendly with our customers, and other volunteers.  He has a great sense of humour, and is a very popular member of our team”.

Richard Dyball, Royal Wootton Bassett Shop Volunteer

Volunteer Richard Dyball, 74, puts in the effort of someone half his age – volunteering for three days a week in our Gorse Hill shop, and two days a week in our Royal Wootton Bassett shop.

“When I retired from the hotel industry, my family were worried about how I’d cope with not being around so many people any more. A friend suggested that I volunteer for Prospect Hospice and, five years on, I’ve never looked back! Volunteering in the shops is fun and fulfilling. I like meeting lots of people, and some people come into the shop every day for a chat. We hear some great feedback from people who know someone who has been looked after by the hospice. The range of stock we get is really interesting too – anything from vases, to valuable necklaces, and even mobility scooters. I enjoy volunteering here as much today as I did when I first started. In fact, when I have some free time I tend to pop in and lend a hand for a few extra hours."

Angela Ruck, Volunteer Receptionist at Prospect Hospice, Wroughton

Angela Ruck has been volunteering on reception at Prospect Hospice for twelve years. She volunteers once a fortnight, on a Wednesday.

“When I first retired I worked in a garden centre – it was nice to not stop working altogether. Around a year later, I heard from a friend that Prospect Hospice were looking for volunteers, so I decided to apply. They trained you in everything back then – driving patients around, working in the pantry on the In-Patient Unit (IPU), and at reception, amongst other things. When I was training I had a few health problems and I didn’t feel strong enough in myself to be able to support patients on the IPU or to drive the minibus. I found the work on reception interesting though, so I decided to try that, and now I’ve been here for twelve years! I really enjoy meeting new people and keeping busy – so it’s perfect."

Jeremy Wicks, Education Volunteer

"I took up volunteering to help keep me busy, starting at one of the Prospect Hospice shops, where I volunteered for a couple of years.

"I have a background in training, so I let the HR team know, just in case I could be of any help to them. It was around this time that the Education team was being established, so they asked me to support them for two days a week, which quickly become three! I was responsible for setting up the forms and processes that we still use today.

"Now I also help on the In-Patient Unit, archiving patient’s notes after they have left the service, whether that be through death or being discharged.

“I’m always interested in helping out, no matter what the role. The important thing for me is that I’m doing something for a local good cause."

Susan Furlong, College Street Swindon Shop Volunteer

Susan Furlong started volunteering at our College Street shop back in 2015, after being diagnosed with MS.

“The managers at the shop gave me a chance that no one else would, I love coming in to volunteer every week.”

“I chose to volunteer when I had little or no confidence and, having been at College Street for 16 months now, I can safely say it was one of the best decisions I made. I have met some lovely people and it's great to get to know the other volunteers. It’s fantastic to be managed by Steve and Lucy, they so understanding and have made my volunteering experience feel so fulfilling and rewarding.”

“To those thinking of becoming a volunteer I would say: do it! It’s for a good cause and for a charity that helps so many people in the local area.”