Day Therapy and Prospect@Home teams join forces for patient care

October 2018

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In recent months the teams behind two of our services have worked more closely to offer patients with increased care needs opportunities to benefit from a regular day’s support at the hospice.

Our Prospect@Home and Day Therapy Unit (DTU) teams are currently running a pilot scheme every Tuesday which works by having a Prospect@Home staff member working alongside the Day Therapy Team staff team. The Prospect@Home team member’s role is to support an individual patient who needs additional support to attend our Day Therapy session for a period of four weeks.

The model enables the Day Therapy team to have patients in the setting with greater needs who may not otherwise have been able to access the service. These greater needs can range from assistance with eating and drinking, to helping someone transfer with equipment, or supporting someone with cognitive impairments such as Dementia.

Through this collaborative working between the two teams, patients have the chance to come out of their home and experience a different environment, when they may otherwise have had hospice support at home: “Patients can feel like they have regained some independence and confidence in an environment where they feel secure and supported,” says Zoe O’Reilly, our Day Therapy Service lead. “It also provides some respite for their carers too, who are then able to choose to spend time at home or go out while the patient attends the Day Therapy Unit. Working alongside Prospect@Home has been invaluable for the patients we have supported through this model so far, and for the people closest to them too.”

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