Malcolm and Angie’s story

October 2020


When my dear wife Angie became ill last year, little did we know the impact that Prospect Hospice would have on both our lives.

Angie had breast cancer and, although the hospital operated, they were unable to remove everything though we still had hope. Later we were introduced to Prospect Hospice and that was the day everything changed for us. Before then we felt that everyone we met had been treating the cancer, the illness. Finally, we felt they were treating Angie, the person.

Throughout that year specialist nurses and emotional support staff visited us at home and in the hospital, but eventually the time came and she was offered a bed at the hospice for her final days.

This was a place for making memories and the team arranged for us to have use of the beautiful garden room for an afternoon. The whole family came, including our nine grandchildren. We ordered pizza and watched a film. The children were each given a unique patchwork blanket to snuggle under and, to our delight, they were allowed to keep them to remember this special time.

During her month in the hospice, she received second to none medical care. I never left her side until she died on 3 February earlier this year. She was just 59.

We count ourselves fortunate that Angie died when she did as we were able to hold her funeral before Covid-19 lockdown restrictions came into effect.

Shortly after, I received an NHS letter to say I needed to self-isolate for health reasons for the next few months. The isolation was soul destroying especially as my family were restricted from visiting for several months.

I was struggling and felt I had nowhere to turn. For 40 years, Angie was always the person I went to for everything.  Fortunately, Louise from the Prospect Hospice bereavement team stepped in to provide very much needed support in coping with grief throughout my tough time self-isolating. Although we’ve not been able to meet in person, I really do not know what I’d have done without her.

Prospect Hospice was there for my dear wife and family even during the pandemic. I can never thank them enough for their all-encompassing support but I look forward to doing what I can to support them during the virtual Light up a Life event this year.

Malcolm has shared his story in support of our Light up a Life service which will be broadcast virtually for the first time this year. To find our more about Light up a Life and register your attendance, click here.

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