Prospect Nurses talk with Tesco shoppers about lymphoedema

March 2019

Care, Therapy

Nurses from Prospect Hospice were on hand yesterday at Tesco’s store on Ocotal Way to raise awareness of the signs of lymphoedema and where they can get support if they, or someone they know, might have the condition.

A pop-up stand run by two of our nurses who lead Prospect Hospice’s Lymphoedema Support team, was organised as part of the national Lymphoedema Awareness Week, from where they offered advice about the signs of lymphoedema and how it can be managed, and also where there is help available.

Lymphoedema is a condition where parts of the body – often limbs – become swollen and damaged by excessive lymph fluid and while it is sometimes a side-effect of cancer or its treatment, it is not a condition exclusively caused by it. For more information about Lymphoedema Awareness Week, please visit https://thebls.com/pages/law

We are very grateful to Tesco for allowing us to have the stall so that people were able to talk to us and learn more about lymphoedema.

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