Tips to get you started

Here’s what fundraising gamer and Prospect hospice supporter, Martin has to say about his experience of online gaming.

How easy was it to set up a live stream fundraiser? 

Very easy, if the game is played through the game engine Steam you can use your graphics card to show your game live on Facebook.  

What made you decide to fundraise in this way?

I play a lot of online games and there is a massive following for watching how people play the games.

Why did you choose to raise money for Prospect Hospice?

I chose Prospect Hospice because my wife works there and I know of all the very good work they do for the local community.  

What are your top tips for live stream fundraising?

Make sure the game is of current interest to keep you going for the 24 hour period, the higher the interest the more likely you are to stay awake.

Make sure you have plenty to drink and sugary snacks to keep up the energy levels.

Have a second screen (ipad,phone,monitor) that you can watch the live stream on so you can answer any messages.

 Get plenty of advertising through local media (Facebook, local press, local news, twitter) with links to your live stream as this should generate more donations for your charity.

If using headphones make sure they are comfortable, Wi-Fi ones are the best if you have a good Wi-Fi provider.

Make sure your chair is comfortable and take regular breaks, make sure the screen is not to close to avoid eye strain.

 Last but not least, try to stop anyone talking to you when you have your headphones on, you cannot hear them and you will have to pause the game each time.