Volunteer Mini Bus Companion

Title:                                               Minibus Escort – Patients and Carers

Supervised by:                             Day Hospice/Voluntary Services

Role Summary:                          To provide support for patients and carers travelling between their homes and Prospect Hospice sites in the Minibus.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. To accompany the driver and safely assist patients and or carers to and from the minibus.
  2. To co operate with the driver to ensure that the journey runs effectively and efficiently.
  3. You must always wear your Volunteer Identification Badge.
  4. When necessary take messages for the driver using the mobile phone. Always refer to the patients transport form to obtain the correct guidance regarding their transport and support needs.
  5. To ensure that patients are safely and comfortably seated with the appropriate belts and straps securely fastened before setting off.
  6. DO NOT encourage patients to travel if they feel unwell, regardless of any pressure from the patient or family members.  If you have any concerns, ‘phone Prospect Hospice immediately 01793 813355 and notify Day Hospice or other relevant member of staff using the mobile phone in the Minibus.
  7. Interact and engage with patients, ensuring they are happy and comfortable on the journey.
  8. If a patient becomes unwell during the journey, the decision to continue or not should be based on common sense by both escort and driver. In an emergency, stop the minibus and call 999 for ambulance support. Then contact the hospice for support and advice.
  9. On arrival, escort the patient to the Day Hospice or their appointment and ensure he/she is left in the care of staff or volunteers.
  10. Liaise with the Day Therapy or other relevant member of staff to receive or exchange information concerning patients.  It is particularly important to report any changes or potential problems in terms of patients’ mobility.
  11. When picking up from Prospect Hospice, inform staff or volunteers that the patient is leaving.  Check if there are any changes in requirements
  12. You will be expected to keep any information shared about the circumstances of patients completely confidential.
  13. When picking up from Prospect Hospice, inform staff or volunteers that the patient or carer is leaving. Check if there are any changes in requirements.
  14. Your personal telephone numbers should NEVER be given to a patient or carer.


In all these matters the safety and welfare of patients is paramount. The rule is never to put yourself or your passenger at risk.  Be guided by the lifting and handling regulations that were explained to you in mandatory training sessions.  You must NEVER lift a patient or help an incapacitated patient up or down the stairs.  If a patient falls and they cannot get up independently, make them comfortable with a blanket and pillow and ‘phone Prospect Hospice for advice.  You may be instructed to call for an ambulance.

At any time, if in doubt, phone Prospect Hospice for advice on 01793 813355


  1. Attend volunteer support meetings and discussions as required.  Help to contribute ideas and exchange information.
  2. Attend mandatory manual handling sessions and relevant courses to ensure you keep up to date with organisational and legal regulation changes.
  3. Be aware of the legal responsibility placed on all volunteers by the statutory fire, health and safety regulations – know what you have to do should an emergency situation occur.
  4. Understand and respect the patient’s needs and rights to privacy and confidentiality.
  5. Promote understanding and support of the values and philosophies of the organisation.
  6. Inform the Voluntary Services Department of absences in advance.
  7. You will find general guidelines, which apply to all volunteers at Prospect Hospice, in the Volunteers’ Handbook.  Please read them, in conjunction with these guidelines, and ask Voluntary Services staff if you require any clarification or further information.

Health & Safety at Work Act

It is the responsibility of all volunteers to ensure that the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act are complied with; safe working practices are adhered to and that hazards are observed and reported to the appropriate office.

This role description will be reviewed periodically and may be amended according to the changing requirements of the service.

Skills and Experiences


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Volunteer Mini Bus Driver job role



Time Commitment

Ad Hoc

Volunteer Age

Over 18


Suitable for someone who hasn't been bereaved in the last 12 months

Preferred Role

Patient facing

Role Available

Mon - Fri. Am & PM.

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