Prospect Hospice is supporting the National Day of Reflection

March 2021


Tuesday, 23 March is being recognised as exactly one year since everyone around the UK was placed in a national lockdown due to the spread of COVID-19.

Prospect Hospice is supporting this National Day of Reflection, to remember those who have died during the pandemic and to show support for families, friends and colleagues who have been bereaved.

Carolyn Bell, director of services at Prospect Hospice said: “We know from our own experience of families and loved ones who have been bereaved, the impact that the pandemic has had on them. Many have been unable to properly say goodbye to loved ones or grieve. It’s important to us all at Prospect Hospice to acknowledge the enormous effect the pandemic has had on everyone in our community and across the country.

“Our staff will come together at 12 noon for a two-minute silence to reflect on the past year and what this has meant for you. This has been a tough year for many people and for many reasons and we hope you will take your own time to reflect on your life and that of other people.”

The pandemic has also had a huge impact on how the hospice delivered its services, as most of their patients, their loved ones, and others in the community couldn’t come into the hospice building. It meant that they needed to look at delivering their care differently and it did this by taking far more of its expert services out into the community, and into people’s own homes. 

 The Wroughton charity provides specialist end-of-life to people in the local community when they need it most and their services are provided completely free of charge. They are 70 percent funded by the community, and the pandemic has had a huge effect on their finances. They have had to close their shops and cancel their fundraising events because of Covid-19, which has left a gap in their funding.

CEO Irene Watkins is now urging the community to get behind the charity for them to continue delivering top-class services and support people suffering from terminal illnesses. “You’ve helped make Prospect Hospice what it is and we’re only here thanks to the generous donations of local people. For that, we want to say, thanks a million!

Irene continued, “The charity is asking for your help by supporting our fundraiser, called Thanks A Million. We’ve called it Thanks a Million because the hospice was founded 40 years ago by the community, who have supported us ever since. So, we’re saying ‘thanks a million’ for what you’ve done, and for continuing to do your bit to help us ensure we have accessible services.

“There are various ways that people can take part in the fundraiser, including making a donation or creating their own personalised page for their family and friends to donate. However, you are able to help, we really appreciate your support, thanks a million.”

To find out more visit:  www.prospect-hospice.net/fundraising-support-us/thanks-a-million/

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