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Hospice Care Week

Celebrating all the people that make up a hospice

Get involved from 9 to 15 October 2023

Every year, Hospice UK encourages everyone to come together for Hospice Care Week and celebrate the incredible work that is being done to make sure everyone can benefit from the very best end of life care. This year’s theme is #WeAreHospiceCare, so join us to show our gratitude to all those who are there when we need it most.

Scroll down to read some facts about what Prospect Hospice has been up to in the last year, and for a series of ‘a day in the life’ pieces featuring our wonderful hospice staff.


In the last year…

We supported 1,761 patients

We provided 18,551 hours of patient care

We supported 448 family members

282 patients were able to die at home

120 patients were able to die at the hospice

We had 619 volunteers across many different roles

16.2% of our income came from donations

25% of our income came from our charity shops

1,035 people took part in our fundraising events

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