A day in the life of our communications and engagement team

See what the team does during a busy day in the office

9am to 10am

The first hour or so is usually spent checking and replying to emails. This morning, Tina has sent out a press release, telling local journalists about our ‘Sustainable September’ campaign in our charity shops and on eBay. We’ve also been featured on some local news websites over the weekend for our Prospect Paddle event in October, so Lara logs these on our press cuttings report.

10am to 12pm

ITV are coming in this morning to film a segment on our ‘Remember Me’ roses campaign, so Tina and Helen spend a few hours with them. It’s great support from ITV, and we need to make sure that we do the beautiful ‘Remember Me’ roses display justice. It’s also great publicity for the hospice, and will hopefully raise awareness of our services.


Lara is one of the hospice’s staff first aiders, and it’s her turn to go around the hospice and check that all of the first aid kits are fully stocked and working. Tina receives a phone call from BBC Wiltshire, who want to cover our ‘Sustainable September’ campaign by interviewing one of our charity shop managers.


Lunch time! Everyone in the team gets their lunch from the Heart of the Hospice café.

12.30pm to 1.30pm

Tina and Lara go along to a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session organized by the education team, where Dorinda, the hospice’s specialist neuro-respiratory physiotherapist and frailty therapist, delivers a session called ‘What is motor neurone disease?’. Both clinical and non-clinical teams are encouraged to go to these sessions, so that all of the hospice staff are aware of the varied work we do.

2pm to 5pm

Lara drives to Marlborough to put up posters for our Bereavement Help Point sessions, beginning in a few weeks. It’s important that we get the word out to people who may not be familiar with the hospice, so we’ll put posters up in GP surgeries, libraries, and community centres, as well as our two charity shops in Marlborough.

2pm to 3.30pm

Tina and Helen meet with the judging panel for our ‘Name the vans’ competition, comprised of our CEO, Jeremy, our head of retail, Victoria, and the team from Arval UK. They have decided that the winners are SuperVan and SpiderVan – to celebrate the heroes of the hospice.

3.30pm to 5pm

Tina heads out to our charity shops to get some photos for our ‘Sustainable September’ campaign.

3.30pm to 5pm

Helen meets with a patient’s relative to talk about their experience of the hospice, which we will use early next year.


Everyone leaves the office.


Please note that this ‘a day in the life’ piece was written in early September 2023, so some of the events mentioned may have already taken place. Check our events calendar for more information.